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Laboratory of Fungal Genetics

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   Our laboratory group is dedicated to the exploration of all aspects related to fungal genetics, ranging from the investigation of unknown genes in yeast mutant models, to the study of gene expression in fungal mycelia, and even the production of natural secondary metabolites in fungi. To achieve these objectives, we employ a broad spectrum of bioinformatic and molecular biology laboratory techniques, including polymerase chain reaction, blue-white screening, cDNA library construction, Genome Walking, cloning of unidentified genes into yeast mutants, and the isolation of proteins through metal-affinity methods. Furthermore, we collaborate closely with other scientific groups at the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (VŠCHT Praha) and the Czech Academy of Sciences (AV ČR).

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head of the group:
Ing. Jan Sácký, Ph.D.
Ing. Tereza Leonhardt, Ph.D.

Bc. Barbora Nováková

Ph.D. students:
Ing. Jan Křesťan
Ing. Jan Šnábl

Mgr. students:
Bc. Gabriela Pelešková
Bc. Valeriia Belova

Bc. students:
Barbora Sommerová
Šimon Piller
Petra Mařánová
Jana Steinbauerová
Alina Murtazina